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ESDI, School of Design, and INDICIS Foundation have signed an agreement whereby the foundation becomes the instrument to promote, facilitate and obtain the resources needed to develop research in design, defined as R + D + I in ESDi.

According to the General Director of FUNDIT, Mr. Antoni Garrell, head of ESDi,, INDICIS will bring ESDi to new areas of activity and new people who want to bring design to the field of sustainability.

ESDi is the first design school in Spain who got the Official Degree in Design Studies. Its aim is to generate knowledge, therefore INDICIS will help to increase the University's research activity.



One of the objectives of the INDICIS Foundation is to communicate the values of innovation and sustainability that exist in the heart of many companies.

As a result, the "IND... newsletter" was created. It is a monthly publication about current issues concerning innovation, climate change and sustainability.

IND...1 (April'09)
¿Qué es el ecodiseño? (What is ecodesign?);
C. Jiménez/Jeremy Rifkin, El Sistema atrapanieblas/La sociedad ante el cambio climático (Fog collection/Society and climate change); Mapfre Foundation
IND...2 (May '09)
Caminando hacia el futuro (Towards the future)
J. Marín/Rajendra Pachauri, Techos verdes/Sostenibilidad y oportunidades de negocio (Green roofs/Sustainability and business opportunities); Creafutur
IND...3 (June '09)
Biomimética (Biomimetics)
J. Marín/Gunter Pauli/ Agrupacions ZERI, Sudaremos! (Too hot!); Ramon Folch
IND...4 (July '09)
Materiales sostenibles (Sustainable materials);
J. Peña/C.K. Prahalad/Solar tubes/Low carbon jobs for Europe; WWF.
IND...5 (September '09)
Bolsas de plástico (Plastic bags)
F. Baltasar/Luis Jiménez Herrero, Valorización de las cáscaras de arroz/El tao de la ecología (Using rice husks/The tao of ecology); E. Goldsmith
IND...6 (October '09)
Plástico-dependencia y reciclaje (Plastic-dependent and recycling)
A. Garrell, La ocupación verde española/Moquetas Interface/La era post-kyoto (Green activity in Spain/Interface carpets/Post-Kyoto); Banco Santander Foundation
IND...7 (November '09)
La energía más limpia es la que no se consume (The cleanest energy is that which is not consumed)
CONAMA Foundation/Josep Mª Vergara, Paradas bus sostenibles/Homo ecologicus (Sustainable bus stops/Homo ecologicus); VVAA.
IND...8 (December'09)
Energía, cambio climático y diseño (Energy, climate change and design)
J. Marín/Jeff Rubin, Aislamiento acústico sobre ruedas/Autonomía energética (Soundproofing/Energy autonomy); H. Scheer
IND...9 (February '10)
Acción local (Local action)
J. Flamarich/Amory Lovins, Tejas camaleónicas/El espejismo nuclear (Chameleon-like materials/The nuclear illusion); M. Coderch.
IND...10 (March '10)
Elogio de la metamorfosis (Eulogy to change)
E. Morin/Antoni Garrell, Inspiración de redes en hongos/La economía del cambio climático (Inspired by networks in fungi/The economics of climate change); J. Terceiro Lomba
IND...11 (April '10)
Primer Congreso CIDIC (1st Congress for Design and Innovation of Catalonia);
Daniel Goleman, Plantas nómadas/El año que mi abuelo vio llover (Nomadic plants/The year my grandfather saw rain); T. Molina
IND...12 (May '10)
El paso del consumismo a la sostenibilidad (From consumerism to sustainability);

Salvador Rueda, Timberland: botas de bajo impacto/Nuestra opción (Timberland: low-impact boots/Our Choice); Al Gore
IND...13 (december'11)
Textile Innovation Day becomes a
ESDI: Co-design of a commuter train/ Xisqueta sheep and sustainable rural development.
IND...14 (january '12)
Interview with Michael Braungart
Interview with Michael Braungart / Technologies for intercultural environments/ Ramon Margalef Prize of Ecology 2012