:: Founding document

What encourages us? Purpose.

The INDICIS Foundation is aware of rapid changes in production, society and technology, but aims to contribute to limiting the effects that damage the environment, endanger long-term economic stability and upset the balance of citizens' wellbeing in the present and future.

What we will focus on? Action framework.

The Foundation will focus its activity on both sustainability and innovation.

What do we want to achieve? Objectives.

The INDICIS Foundation contributes to strengthening innovative activity aimed at defining, developing, and producing new products and services capable of generating long-lasting value.


What will we do? Actions.

To achieve the objectives, the INDICIS Foundation will encourage innovation in design that is capable of generating technical, scientific and industrial progress that stimulates economic growth while respecting the environment.

How will we do it? Means.

In order to generate, encourage and increase this type of innovation, the INDICIS Foundation promotes the creation of institutes for applied research and development, which are closely linked to companies and institutions; public, private and mixed-capital.

What will we produce? Products

The applied research institutes will:


How will we produce them?

The work of the applied research and development institutes will be based on the philosophy of Albert Einstein: "we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".

The research institutes focus their activity on issues such as energy, recycling and food, without forgetting others such as mobility, new products and production systems, information and communication technology, as well as housing and other spaces.