:: Our origins

FUNDIT is a non-profit organisation with a strong vocation for future projection along with 18 years proven experience. It provides answers to meet the needs of society and industry, promoting the design culture and providing the necessary means for education and research. FUNDIT is the catalyst for INDICIS, a new foundation in the South of Europe devoted to searching for solutions to minimise the impact of climate change, promote sustainable development and face new challenges in the short, medium and long term.

The INDICIS Foundation was created in Catalonia with the objective of cooperating with Spanish institutions and companies committed to sustainable development, often within the paradigm of internationalisation and competitiveness. The INDICIS Foundation aims to contribute to the efforts of the European Union - in particular in the Mediterranean area - as a platform for its internationalisation. It aims to undertake specific projects in its field of action, in cooperation with other Euromediterranean organisations who actively promote sustainable development. arrels
The word INDICIS means indications. It evokes something which has a basis and encourages us to continue researching. In this sense, the name of the Foundation also reflects its objectives, as the different letters stand for Innovation, Design, Climate Change and Sustainability.